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Hope Starts here


Ronon's Place is looking for licensed mental health professionals to join in our mission to bring quality, compassionate care to Indian River and the surrounding area. 

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If you have landed on our page, welcome - we are glad you're here. Ronon's Place was started with the heart to meet people and serve them where they are. Our organization believes and upholds the innate dignity of all people, and we are committed to doing our part of providing compassionate, qualified care. 


No one should walk through this world alone, and here at Ronon's Place you won't have to. We offer services to any one who is seeking help; regardless of insurance status, income, beliefs, or background. All are welcome. 

Our organization has a huge dream, to bring hope. We want to bridge the gap in the places our community needs help. Our mission statement expresses this best: 

"Ronon's Place is a non-profit that aims to provide compassionate care to those struggling with depression, anxiety, suicide, domestic abuse, PTSD, and other mental health conditions. We aim to give hope to those who have none, to empower those who feel powerless, and to listen without judgment. We strive to show the love of Christ to all those who are seeking help."


You are not alone. 

Getting started

We are accepting clients!

We are open: Monday 9am - 5pm, Wednesday 10:15am - 5pm, and Friday 9am - 5pm. 

Our building is located at: 8119 M68, Indian River, MI 49749

We also have a phone line open that you can call to gather more information about our services, or book an appointment. Our number is: 231-203-2098

We are so excited and ready to begin working with you!

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