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Ronon's Place was born out of heartache and hope. Ronon MaulBane committed suicide on August 4th, 2018. Though his life was short, it was full. He was a son, brother, friend, and he was a faithful supporter of the underdog. This organization was started in his honor, and to continue his legacy of rooting for people. 

On May 7th, Ronon suffered a traumatic brain injury in a vehicle accident. Though he recovered physically from the accident, there were lasting effects on his mental health. As those different effects surface, Ronon was unable to receive care because he was uninsured. While the vehicle accident itself didn't take Ronon, the effects of his traumatic brain injury ultimately did. 

So, Ronon's Place was born. Every member of Ronon's Place has felt the effects of suicide or mental illness directly. We are a group of people committed to providing services to those in life's darkest places. 

Meet the Board

The Board of Directors is made up of individuals who have a passion for care and community outreach. Each member has felt the personal impact of loving someone struggling with mental health. 

Randy's Final Headshot.png

Randy Welch

Chief Executive Officer

Master Chief Welch has a long military career where he served his country with passion and

expertise. His career is marked by leadership skills and commendations for excellent service. He is now retired from the United States Navy and is serving as a Partner-Owner of Willow Creek Petoskey, a development community.

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Becky Fettig

Executive Direct

Becky is an educator with 27 years experience. She has a long history of serving her community in various ways, with Ronon’s Place being the newest iteration of that passion. Ronon’s Place is a heart project for the Fettigs, for it was formed in memory of their son Ronon. Ronon suffered a traumatic brain injury and lost his life to suicide in 2018. It is from this place that the Fettigs are committing themselves to serving Indian River and the surrounding communities.

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Mary Rogers


Mary has retired from a career working for Ford Motor Credit and managing an animal hospital.

She has always had a heart for serving, and she feels that this is the next place she has been called to serve. Mary’s own story of loss by suicide and her passion for helping led her to joining the Ronon’s Place team.

Copy of Randy's Headshot-4.jpg

Andrea Lee


Andrea is a northern Michigan native and humble graduate of the University of MIchigan. She

has a degree in psychology and worked in mental health before marrying an architect and

embarking on a Grand Adventure that has taken them through three states and two foreign countries. Three children later—each born in a different state—she and her husband returned to Michigan and settled in Petoskey in 1999. Since then, she has worked in publishing, marketing,and business development.

Copy of Randy's Headshot-3.jpg

Mike Fettig

Mike is an electrical engineer who has worked at Honeywell for the past 37 years. Like his wife Becky, he has a passion for serving his community and honoring the memory of Ronon.

Michiah Fettig

Michiah Fettig is a Michigan native and brother to Ronon. He is involved with Ronon's place because he has seen and met many who have been impacted by mental illness, and he has seen the pain that it has brought. He believes everyone has the right to access mental health professionals—not only to better themselves, but for their family and those close to them.

Sarah Cumberland

Sarah Cumberland is a Limited Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Michigan. She graduated with her Masters in Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2020. During her time in school she served in a non-profit organization for second chance students, and now she is providing counseling services at Petoskey Professional Counselors,


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