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Ronon's 5K Run/walk

Ronon's 5k run/walk
September 21st 2024
8 am - 10 am 
3435 south straits hwy
indian river | mi


Join us for our 3rd annual Ronon's 5K Run/Walk

The run takes place in downtown Indian River, along the bike path. The race goes north of town on the trail, and then turn back and ends at the start. 

Runners and walkers are both welcome! There will be staggered start times for both, with walkers beginning first. More specifics on times will come as we get closer to race day. 

This event is for all ages and experience levels. The main goal being to run/walk to remember and celebrate those that we have lost to suicide. 

All proceeds from this event go directly to providing free mental health services in the Indian River area. 

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Register for the 5K

How will you participate?
T-shirt Size
2 XL
During the race there will be signs lining the raceway. These signs are to remember those that we have lost to suicide.
In memorandum sign$10

Participation Waiver:

I, acknowledge that participation in the activity described above involves risk to the participant (and to the participant’s parents or guardians, if the participant is a minor), and may result in various types of injury including, but not limited to, the following: sickness, exposure to infection/communicable disease, bodily injury, death, emotional injury, personal injury, property damage, and financial damage. 

In consideration for the opportunity to participate in the activity described above (Ronon's Run 5K), the participants (or parent/guardian) acknowledges and accepts the risks of injury associated with participation in and transportation to and from the activity. The participant 

(or parent/guardian) accepts personal financial responsibility for any injury or other loss sustained during the activity or during transportation to and from the activity, as well as for any medical treatment rendered to the participants that is authorized by the sponsor or its agents, employees, volunteers, or any other representatives (collectively referred to as the “activity sponsor”). 

Further, the participant (or parent/guardian) releases and promises to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the activity sponsor for any injury arising directly or indirectly out of the described activity or transportation to and from the activity, whether such injury arises out of the negligence of the activity sponsor, the participant, or otherwise. 

If a dispute over this agreement or any claim for damages arises, the participant (or parent/guardian) agrees to resolve the matter through a mutually acceptable alternative dispute resolution process. If the participant (or parent/guardian) and the activity sponsor cannot agree upon such a process, the dispute will be submitted to a three member arbitration panel for resolution in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association.

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